What is our Ballpark Pricing?

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“What is the ballpark pricing” has to be our most frequently asked question and we understand why, so we are here to answer in-depth how we address our pricing.

As a note, everything being discussed is taken into account of our ballpark prices.

To start we need to break down the major pieces that put together the ballpark pricing puzzle which consist of material costs, labor costs, expenses, and our lifetime warranty

The material costs consist of a full finished system that includes plyboard backing, white walls, a tub or shower base, new plumbing, corner shelfs, and a shower curtain rod.

Next is labor costs. Our professional installers are at a different job almost everyday and hold themselves to very high standards to deliver a pristine finished product. Because of this we pay them for their worth. Next is other employees that keep Prime Baths running smoothly so we can keep the work flowing.

Another major part of our pricing includes our expenses. These are our gas, office payments, marketing, and the payroll for our office employees. As we are not as big of a company quite yet these are lower than our competitors which allows us to meet or beat their pricing.

Finally we also take into account any chance that we will be coming back under the lifetime warranty that we provide.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, our ballpark pricing for replacing a bath or shower and installing a new system starts at $8,500 and can go upwards of $12,000.

For inquires on a full bathroom remodel or to schedule a free estimate you can contact us at 815-584-7224!

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