The Standard Style Shower Door

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The Lite Euro

The most common shower door in our lineup: The Lite Euro. This simplistic yet luxurious shower door has the potential to add that finished look to your wet area .


The standard Lite Euro shower door comes in Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The shower door glass comes in at 1/4″ which is fairly thick.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you install a shower door with a bathtub? Yes
  2. We have a knee wall, can you guys install stationary glass too? Yes
  3. Does the shower door open on both ends? Yes
  4. Is the shower door easy to open? Yes, the doors are top-hung so they are almost weightless.
  5. Does the shower door glass come in different options, and does that affect the price? Yes the shower door glass comes in different options, and no changing the glass does not affect the price.


Every shower door comes with its own squeegee and spray bottle to keep the shower door clean. These shower doors are customizable to any wet area and like stated before can drastically change the appearance. For an even more luxurious look you may be interested in the Cayman shower door. Finally, the Lite Euro shower door is very reasonably priced and can be added to your bathroom project with very minimal changes!

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