How much is a Tub to Shower Conversion?

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If you notice that your bath is barely used or only an unnecessary item to hold clean, your Holy-Grail remedy is a tub-to-shower conversion. It includes eliminating the tub from the equation, turning the combo of your standalone bathtub or bath-and-shower into one expansive shower device. You’ll actually want to consider what a tub-to-shower conversion would cost before jumping on this trend. Since any bathroom is built differently, it can be challenging to pin down the exact cost of this bathroom redesign for your unique needs. However, there are several considerations and mitigation variables that will help you measure the expense of a latest shower easier.

Considerations of Expense

There are several motives for choosing to transform your unused bathtub into a shower; the need for a more spacious, modern bathroom is one of the most important reasons. But how much would the style cost you, realistically? When you assess the advantages of a tub-to-shower conversion for your house, here are the cost factors to bear in mind:

Expert Installation

DIY projects may seem like the cheaper choice for bathroom renovation at first. If you’re not a seasoned installer, however, you may want to rethink it. Tub-to-shower conversions involve a detailed knowledge of both tub and shower anatomies, rendering DIY attempts potentially expensive, especially in the hands of a novice homeowner.

Customizations & Special Features

You’ll have the option to configure your new shower with an assortment of special features with a tub-to-shower conversion. You also have the ability to render your shower totally yours, from soap dishes to built-in shelving. However, bear in mind that these customizations all come at an added expense.

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