Considering converting your Tub to a Shower?

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The epitome of relaxation for some homeowners is bathing in the warm, bubbly waters of a bathtub and a good book in hand. Bathing can feel like sitting in a warm basin of tea for others. If you side with the above, one of the most advantageous bathroom renovations you might invest in is potentially transforming your unused tub to a bath. The overall cost of a shower conversion varies with many options to choose from, but it can increase your water efficiency.

There are, of course, several explanations why a homeowner should suggest investing in transforming a tub-to-shower, including the following:

You Share a Cramped Bathroom

Sharing a cramped bathroom falls into the category of “worst nightmare for homeowners.” In a tiny space, things can get messy, particularly if it’s a high-traffic room. You can create the illusion of a larger space, streamlining the bathroom, by removing the clunky tub from this tight room.

You need an Aging In-Place Solution

A bath can pose an unnecessary danger in the bathroom for many homeowners who are either planning to age in place or have mobility restraints. The high length of the bathtub is removed by a tub-to-shower conversion, replaced by the easy-to-access, low-entry threshold of a walk-in shower.

You’re hunting for a Remodel Contemporary

In most contemporary bathroom styles, douches are a modern staple. In a plethora of unique fashions, they can be incorporated into the space, allowing you to transform the bathroom with sleek lines and shower accessories.

If you agree that the correct remodeling for your bathroom is to convert your tub to a shower, reach out to Prime Bath & Home Solutions of Illinois to learn more. As SW Chicagoland’s favorite home improvement business, with a range of noteworthy upgrades, tub-to-shower conversions included, we can help you transform your bathroom. By contacting us today, learn more!

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