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Shower Remodeling in Joliet

Getting a new shower is exciting for many reasons. New showers are sleek, modern, and easy to care for. Plus, they add a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Here at Prime Baths, we have been a top shower remodeling company in Joliet since we were founded. In that time, we’ve completed hundreds of shower remodels in all different styles. Plus, most of our Joliet shower remodeling projects take just one day to complete! 

If you see any of these red flags that the time has come to remodel your shower, let us know at Prime Baths:

  • It’s out of style or your tastes have changed 
  • Shower is leaking 
  • Shower doors no longer open and close easily 
  • You want to convert it into a bathtub or a bath-and-shower combo or add a bath and shower combination
  • Fixtures leak or don’t work anymore 
  • Shower is overcome by mold or mildew 
  • Shower tiles or liner is cracked, stained, or discolored 

If you would like assistance planning your Joliet shower remodel, we can help! Just give Prime Baths a call at (815) 584-7224 and one of our shower remodeling contractors in Joliet would be happy to help! 

Prime Baths Is a Leading Shower Remodeling Contractor in Joliet!

Planning a shower remodeling project is an exciting prospect. Not only does a new acrylic shower enhance your bathroom’s style, but you can also look forward to years of comfort and relaxation. How nice is that? The Joliet shower remodeling team at Prime Baths is standing by and ready to help you with your next project. We’ll help you choose the best shower design, shower enclosure, and shower surround for your tastes, budget, and practical needs. 

When you’re reading to start your shower remodeling & Joliet replacement shower project, reach out to Prime Baths at (815) 584-7224 or submit the contact form on our website. We’ll reach out right away to schedule a free no-obligation consultation for shower remodeling in Joliet!

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