Which Handheld Should I Get?

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After being asked this question countless times we finally have a guide for you and others!


Whether you are just wanting a handheld or need it; Our Moen lineup is of the highest quality and comes with a lifetime warranty! No matter the handheld the flexible hose will be long enough with the standard length at 5′. In addition, each handheld comes with 6 adjustable water modes: (Rinse, Downpour, wide-coverage, soothing massage, massage, and relaxing massage).

Choices and Style

Our most popular choice is the Moen Magnetix Combo. The standard Moen Magnetix is also very popular. Then, we have our Moen Handheld with a built-in slide bar, and this can be installed anywhere in the wet area; However this requires an extra diverter which switches the water from the main head and handheld.

Next, the three handheld options are available in three sleek finishes: the standard chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. No matter your desire our outcome is always a premium look.

Installation and FAQ

Finally, these handhelds are part of our specialty, Wet Areas and we finish 99% of wet areas in One Day! These handhelds can be installed on a hook, on the slidebar, or on the magnetic magnet. With use of the hook, the handheld can be installed anywhere in the wet area!

  1. What is the flow rate for the Magnetix? 2.5 Gallons
  2. What is the longest hose you can install? We are able to special order a 72″ hose
  3. What sizes do these come in? Depending on the shower head the sizes are 3.75″ and 6″

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