What Shower Base Should I Get?

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First you should know how well your shower base is protected against water, whether through a shield or simply by being less porous. Our blog on our High-Tech Polymer V.S. Water goes into this more!

Simply put, our material lasts forever because our High-Tech Polymer does not allow water to affect it. Now our material is not indestructible and should still be treated as it is worth.

Stock Bases

First our stock bases come in these sizes: 32×32, 36×36, 48×32, 48×34, 60×30, 60×32, 60×34, and 60×36. All of our standard bases are 3.5″ tall this includes semi-custom and custom bases. These stock bases come in 5 different colors: Almond, Biscuit, Gray, Sandbar, and White. In addition, we carry a 36×36 and 38×38 neo-angle base.

These are our very basic yet effective replacement bases with no customization options.

Semi-Custom Bases

Next, our semi-custom bases, these bases come in the same colors as the stock, but can be custom made by size. We offer anywhere in between these sizes (84×48 and 32×32.5). Furthermore, these sizes can be changed in increments of .5″ and are water tested before we get our hands on them!

Custom Bases

Our last and most premium bases come in our special colors. With a fully custom shower base you have the choice between 8 other colors! Our popular bathroom projects include bases with the colors: Artic Ice, Canyon Rock, and Sierra Sand!

All of our bases held in by both adhesive and our waterproof silicone. You can learn more about our installation process here. -> Wet Areas

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