To Refresh or Remodel your bathroom, that is the question

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It’s incredibly unusual that people live through life without ever remodel their homes or bathrooms. Our desires and expectations are constantly evolving as humans, so it just makes sense that to represent this, we change some parts of our residences. The bathroom is one aspect of your house that you can almost probably update once (or perhaps twice… even three times). As undoubtedly the most used space in your house, over the years, the bathroom would possibly undergo some wear and tear, needing upgrades. And because bathrooms usually belong to the list of smaller spaces, opposed to larger rooms such as kitchens, it may be simpler to revamp the whole space. If a complete bathroom remodel, though, sounds a little overwhelming to you, the way to go instead might be a quick refresh.

Your Bathroom Refresh

What motivates you to want an upgraded bathroom? You’re simply looking for a new, on-trend space? Did your urge to imitate the same look cause a recent social networking post? Such considerations suggest that a refresh could be the route to follow. You will turn the whole look without costing an arm and a leg by retaining all of the main fixtures in your bathroom the same but upgrading smaller components. Such quick but special forms of refreshing your bathroom include:

Changing the walls-Breathe fresh life into the bathroom by painting an entirely different hue on the walls or using a more distinctive strategy such as tile backsplashes. (Bonus: there are super cheap and easy choices for peel-and-stick!)

Replacement hardware-Replace all cabinet handles, towel shelves, light switches, and even the sink faucet with a streamlined finish with new upgrades.

Are your shower curtain, bath pad, and towels all mismatched? Switching all accent pieces? In your bathroom, build a seamless and trendy aesthetic by purchasing a modern, coordinating package.

Textured or patterned shower wall surrounds, including those provided at Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois, will greatly enhance the look of your shower or bath area by playing up the shower/bathtub.

Your Bathroom Remodel

While all of the preceding ideas will definitely revamp and upgrade your toilet, their functional usage does not really alter. If your frustration with your bathroom comes from technical difficulties, then the best alternative is definitely a remodel. If you actually no longer use a bathtub and would like a luxurious bathroom, or you’re searching for a cleaner and simpler way to bathe, there are a few different ways to support the pros at Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois. We provide the following remodeling facilities for the bathroom:

Conversions of tub-to-shower

Replacement bathtubs

Shower Remodels

Installations for walk-in baths and walk-in showers

We will be delighted to come to your home for a review and to offer professional feedback and recommendations if you are not sure one of these choices is the best improvement for your bathroom. Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois is a long-standing and reputable home improvement firm that you can trust for your bathroom remodel, and it is always our duty to provide a new space for homeowners that they would truly want to use. We’re here to assist in whatever way we can, but you are preparing to refresh or remodel a bathroom in your house.

To talk with one of our seasoned team members and share your vision for the bathroom, contact Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois today. In Greater SW Chicagoland, we’ve happily represented countless people and look forward to collaborating with you next.

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