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How are we different from other bathroom installation companies?

With the installation of around 200 bathrooms a year, our team has overcome many obstacles as we continue to grow and provide affordably, expertly installed, and timely bathroom installations. However, with that being said, we still hold the same values: customer service, installation quality, and providing a process that is easy to follow and has the customer in mind.

Customer Service

When our company gets in contact with any person on the phone, our goal is to help and treat them as best we can. Whether that is setting them an appointment for their free in-home estimate or pointing them in the direction of someone who can help them, we are always looking to provide valuable information and get them the help they need. Our team has been trained to treat all customers as equals, and we believe in speaking respectfully and professionally in every situation.

Installation Quality

Our next value has always been the quality of our work. Again, this ties in with customer service; Our installers have been trained and certified, meaning they know what will work best. With that being said, they will always do as the customer requests, including fixing any imperfections or installing specifically to their liking. For example, our installers generally know where a grab bar should go depending on a shower seat, but they always ask the customer to ensure that the placement is precisely where they want it.

Installation Process

Finally, our last but not least value is our process. As we have found out, people want their bathroom installation to go as smoothly as possible. This is why we have a system down to a T to provide the smoothest process possible. From the scheduling of the estimate to the day/days of installation. Our guarantee to deliver a lifetime warrantied product in as little as a day is always of utmost importance. We take pride in how we operate but are always looking for ways to improve for the customers. Our team realizes that not everything we do is perfect, and that’s why we work as hard as we do to continually get better until we are even closer to perfect.

These values are the difference between the competitors and us. We won’t bash anyone, but there are companies out there looking to make as much profit as possible while providing a subpar bathroom at the end of the day. It is in our best interest to stay as far away from these businesses as possible.

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