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The Concept of Work

We work not because we want to, but because it is apart of life and generally being happy. With that being said, yes, we can be satisfied without work, but it is still needed. Like pain and pleasure, you would never know the free time without work. Work is the path you take to receive what you truly want, and free time is just extra!

Our business model is simple, and it is leading to success. Our model is based on wanting to be happy, knowing that hard work is never going away! We want to better this world with our hard work, and these are some ways we do it everyday!

Prime Baths and Home Solutions of Illinois Work

We work to provide people what they truly need while estimating at the very best price we can. Also, to provide for our own family and to better everyone by being able to give back! Finally, we work to install the highest quality bathroom products on the market.


Our work never ends, and we believe in a KAIZEN approach to life, meaning that we will always make continuous improvement. Forever as a company we will try to close our deficiencies and improve on our successes. Including, the installation process, the sales process, the hiring process, the ordering process, and our marketing process. We must do this to ensure we can deliver our highest quality bathroom product and be confident about it 365 days a year. Our processes may be similar to other company’s, but our mindset is what sets us apart!

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