Our Specialty: Wet Areas

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For any bathroom considered a full bathroom the room must have a tub or shower! Prime Baths refers to these areas including the tub or shower as the wet area. Each and every wet area (including yours!) comes with these 4 components

Backing, Base/Tub & Walls, Fasteners & Adhesive, and Plumbing.


First, the foundation of your wet area is your backing. Whether it is plywood, durock or greenboard your walls and base are going to be directly on top of your backing.

Base/Tub and Walls

As for the 2nd and 3rd component, these are under one category; For the fact, fiberglass systems come all in one. Other materials that are used for these components include: acrylic, tile, laminate, and stone. No matter which system, the wet area needs to be waterproof and secure.

Fasteners and Adhesive

In simple terms, to secure the base/tub and walls there is either a fastener or an adhesive that is used. For fiberglass systems, fasteners are used, and for acrylic, tile, laminate, and stone adhesive is used. A fastener is anything that closes or secures something. Most commonly used are 2″ screws. As for adhesives, there are two main types: glue and mortar. Used for securing tile to the backing, mortar is used along with grout for tile systems. Glue and silicone are used to secure acrylic, laminate, and stone systems.


As for everything behind the walls. To simplify once again, the plumbing for most wet areas include: tub/shower trim, valve, pex/copper & fittings, and/ or pvc & fittings w/ glue. The plumbing materials are extremely important, but not more important than the other three components.

Here at Prime Baths we focus on all four components: Backing, Base/Tub & Walls, Fasteners & Adhesive, and Plumbing. And that is why we succeed so well in the wet areas we install. Every bathroom remodeling job we do features our best work because we specialize in installing wet areas and hone our skills every day!

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