Our Shower Seat Options

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As part of a wet area all of our shower seats hold the highest quality standards along with every other piece of high-tech polymer we install! Our shower seats consist of two pieces: the high-tech polymer seat, and the installation bracket.

Colors & Styles

Our seats come in 13 different colors. These shower seats are most often installed in a tub-to-shower conversion, and come in two different styles as shown below. (The Hexagonal seat and the Bench seat)

Hexagonal Shower Seat in the Sierra Sand color
Standard Bench Seat in the Arctic Ice color

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much weight can a shower seat support? Up to 900lbs
  2. What is used to keep the seat in place? The installation bracket w/ screws, double-sided tape, and silicone.
  3. Is the surface slippery? The surface of the bench is not slippery. With that being said this is with regular use, so no applying Vaseline to the seat!

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