Moen Magnetix Combo

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Introducing our most popular showerhead The Moen Magnetix Combo

The ease of using this combo sprayer is beyond comparison. Also, with a lifetime warranty backed by Moen, we can guarantee you will be buying this product for life. This combo comes with a 6.75″ rain showerhead and a smaller 3.75″ handheld showerhead. The smaller handheld showerhead, through innovation, is held in place by a magnetic dock that allows for easy release and securely snaps back into place.


The finish on this combo can come in three different styles: Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel. The internals remain consistent no matter the finish to maintain the highest quality. Below are examples of the three styles.


Finally, this magnetix combo includes a full six functions on the handheld sprayer through the use of technology: Rinse, Downpour, wide-coverage, soothing massage, massage, and relaxing massage. Furthermore, a neat feature is the “water saver button” this is located on the handheld and slows the flow of water coming through the handheld. The water saver button could be helpful when you are switching between the handheld and rain head or when you are washing the dog and don’t want to wastewater. One last note, this hose is 5′ ,which is long enough to reach from one side of the bath to the other!

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