Do we offer tile options?

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For those looking for the tile look without the maintenance or installation costs we are your go to option. Our acrylic shower systems come in 13 different colors including white and 8 tile patterns including smooth.

Above are two of our most popular patterns subway and piazza.

When going with traditional tile home owners should first take into account the extra time needed to be spent cleaning. In general tiled systems should be cleaned every two weeks when in comparison you can get away with cleaning an acrylic system once a month.

In addition, every few months the grout on a tile system can stain which will requires more cleaning and can be very time consuming depending on how much grout you need to clean.

Our acrylic walls can offer you a very similar look without any of the cleaning drawbacks as well as a much more timely and cost effective install. For more on our installation process we go in depth in this blog.

Not only can we install a new shower or bath with our tiled patterned acrylic walls but we can also wrap your bathroom with our walls and you get that wonderful tiled look all around.

White Subway Wall, No Grout! Acrylic Walls

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