Custom Shower/Tub

$1,000 OFF
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We have installed hundreds of wet areas, and our certified installers specialize in these jobs; 90% get done in one day. With that being said our certified installers are prepared for every job possible. Whether you want or need a custom shower/tub, no matter the conditions, we will be able to help!


Our partner is an expert in making high-tech polymer pieces, and offers practically limitless sizes. As for tubs the very largest we can install is 66″ x34″. For anything larger a special tub would be necessary. To add on, these tubs are available in four depths (13″, 15″, 17″, and 19″). Next, the largest shower base we can install is 120″ x 48″ however this would be a flat base. Our standard shower base comes largest in 84″ x 48″. Finally, both are able to be shortened by increments of .5″ for a very custom fit.


Every high-tech polymer wall we have installed has been cut to fit. Incredibly, our certified installers take 12 different measurements on each panel to ensure the very best fit and look. The smooth wall is the largest, coming in at 65″ x 98.5″, and the patterned panels come in at 60″ x 98″ with a 1.5″ bend on each side. We are able to install these walls in every way imaginable, and they come in 13 different colors and eight patterns!

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