Checklist for Spring Home Maintenance

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Showers in April offer May flowers and, with them, the joys of spring. In the sun-shiny paradise of the season, the thrilling prospect of picking up some extra vitamin D and basking is close. Although spring has been stereotypically described as the perfect cleaning season, it’s also the perfect time to whip out your checklist for home maintenance. Don’t you have any? To spruce up your house for the season, adopt our spring maintenance checklist.

Get your Spring Cleaning done right!

It’s time to come into motion and have your groove of cleaning going! Stretch, let out a sigh of relaxation, and accept the seasonal cliché that is spring cleaning, mildly irritating but cherished. As you brace for your tasks, search for advice on planning your residence for another glorious year of seasonal fun on this spring home improvement to-do list.

Flush out the Downspouts and Gutters

It’s necessary to check the state of your gutters for leaks, clogs, and other indicators of harm after several winter months of snow and ice. Hold an eye out for faulty hinges when you do, and make sure your downspouts are correctly placed to drain away from the base of your house.

Clean off Your Deck

By arranging woodwork, decks, and patio areas with a sealant, plan the outdoor living area for BBQs and get-togethers. As these outdoor living areas are bound to have several warm-weather events, search for water stains, missing nails, and loose railings or steps, and should be carefully preserved to protect their finish and prevent possible decay.

Inspect Gaps in your paving

By walking on a crack, do not tempt fate; your mother will thank you later. Cracks in your driveway or walkways will escalate into broader issues over time, in all seriousness. It will intensify the fissure by widening and contracting with the shifting temperatures as water seeps through hairline cracks in your pavement. Until complications occur, finding these flaws in the paving and sealing them will help smooth the surface area.

Water Pipelines and Irrigation Systems Check

Spring home improvement 101 covers the greenhouse and lawn tending. You’ll need a working irrigation device to do this. To inspect and fix any plumbing concerns, be sure to operate all outside waterspouts, hoses and other water systems.

Schedule a service for your HVAC Unit

Now is the time to inspect the HVAC machine with the warm seasons afoot. Until the next heatwave hits, employ a competent technician to determine the condition of your system if you are dissatisfied with cleaning and servicing your machine.

Clean your bath or shower

Due to all the water you use in your bathroom, it is subject to potential mold growth especially around your bath or shower. You can wipe off any signs of mold or use a bleach spray to spray and clean the mold.

Prep The pool

Prepare your pool for the forthcoming warm weather until the weather permits. To reconnect the pool equipment and switch the systems back on, gently cut the pool cover and follow directions.

Test The Basement or Attic

It is important that you search your attic and/or basement for indicators of possible water damage if your region has had a lot of moisture, snowfall, frost, or rain. Water spots, discoloration, and warping are among some of these markers.

The best time to start making improvements to your home is Season. If you happen to run into any bigger challenges when crossing your checklist, or feel that you would like to tackle a spring home improvement bath remodel project, then we’re happy to help reach out to Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois. We’ll be going through this challenge list ourselves in the meantime. Oh, good luck!

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