Budget-Friendly Indoor Remodeling Projects

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By now, you are probably getting a little stir-crazy sensation from being trapped at home, we have all become uncomfortably familiar. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re on your last puzzle and just done with your favorite show. Here are three indoor remodeling projects that you can complete when at home that are budget-friendly.

Paint Your Guest Bathroom Red

Do you know the bucket of paint that’s been sitting all winter in your basement? The time to bring it to use is now! Choose a smaller room, like your laundry room or guest bathroom, and get rollin’ (literally). When meetings are suspended, these high-traffic rooms appear to see a lot of activity, rendering them a perfect room to renovate. Plus, you would probably be able to finish the job with one can of paint due to the limited size of the space, requiring an additional trip to the hardware store.

Hang a Gallery with Old Family Photos

On their smartphones or boxed away in a cabinet, most households have a tiny treasury of pictures. We recommend building a home gallery with your favorite photographs for an indoor remodeling project that the whole family will have fun with (via video chat). Print some of your phone’s saved pictures, retrieve the box from your wardrobe, and start organising stuff as you see fit.

Furniture Rearrangement

In a space, you can adjust the vibe instantly by simply rearranging the furniture. Have fun putting stuff in positions that might never have crossed your mind before. And get the kids interested with a “The floor is lava” challenge. You can build a brand-new room at the end of the project using the same furniture you’ve already had.

One of the easiest ways to fill your mind, get innovative, and profit from the optimistic rush that comes from doing something yourself is to undertake an indoor remodeling project. If you have some project ideas for indoor remodeling that you would like to share with the Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois family, please share them on our Facebook page! We need to be optimistic and maintain our community ideals now more than ever, even though it’s through a smart screen.

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