High-Tech Polymer Trim Kits

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Identifying the Problem

One common “problem” we run into constantly is having a window in a shower! People let having a window stop them from starting their project. (don’t let this be you!) BCI Acrylic our partner offers high-tech polymer window trim kits, and we have installed dozens of them!

Applying the Prescription

Our high-tech polymer window trim kit goes over the existing trim or new window trim and is sealed with adhesive. The high-tech polymer paired with the silicone creates a perfect seal in all the creases, so no water will get through! The kits are offered in the 13 colors BCI offers.

Test of Time

Our partner BCI Acrylic guarantees that your high-tech polymer window kit will stand the test of time, and if it doesn’t last a lifetime they will come out and replace it!

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