How to choose the perfect Bathtub

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Yeah, one of the most easy ways to get squeaky clean on the go is to take a shower. However, going for a lengthy and luxurious bath when you’re able to calm down will do wonders for your sore muscles and exhausted mind. Keep tuned if you are already in the search for a bathtub that has soothing, meditative advantages and a completely customized experience. We’ll help you master the challenge of finding the best bathtub fit your specifications, aesthetic needs, and budget in this post.

The most Common Tub types:

Believe it or not, bathtubs come with a number of configurations and characters, in their own way. This will make it impossible to locate a tub that really fits for your needs. Here’s a short rundown of the most common bathtub settings on the market:

1 – Tubs that are Freestanding or Standalone

These standalone tubs from the bathroom are usually seen in master suites, providing a distinct zone expressly for relaxation.

2 – Bathtubs Clawfoot

A dramatic declaration for your bathroom, evoking nostalgic memories of the Elizabethan era, are these classically crafted bathtubs.

3 – Bathtub-and-Shower Combinations

This are some of the most popular bathtub setups on the market by far. These devices are typically built on an external wall with a three-wall alcove planned to optimize the room and provide a wall-mounted shower system for added comfort.

The Safer Bathing Alternative: Walk-In Baths

There is another bathtub layout for people with reduced mobility, which provides all the relaxing advantages that can come from soaking in a tub and the additional advantage of an open entryway. A walk-in bathtub is considered this option. Some of these programs are consistent with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), meeting the standard standards developed for people with mobility difficulties and restricted ranges of motion. For easy accessibility, walk-in tubs that provide this value usually feature a large, hinged door and a low-entry threshold. Check with your installer for additional security devices, such as grab bars and a detachable showerhead, for added convenience.

Consider a material that is long lasting & low-maintenance

It’s time to pick a material after you’ve prioritized your design expectations for your latest bathtub. Bathtub components vary in price and appearance, but reliability and ease of cleaning are the most critical attributes to remember. Acrylic is one of the safest bathtub fabrics to deliver these benefits. Not only is this an inexpensive material for the bathtub, but it also has demonstrated consistency and long-lasting stability over time against the consequences of use. Some benefits of acrylic bathtubs are:

Texture: Acrylic is both elegant and cozy, a seamless stuff.

Heat-retaining properties-Acrylic can hold water warm for a longer period than any other bathtub products to ensure you get the most from your soothing bath.

Resistance to mold and mildew development-Acrylic is simple to preserve as a non-porous substance and immune to mold growth that may contribute to discomfort.

Finding a Professional Installer for Bathtub

Partnering with a reputable home renovation firm that specializes in Chicagoland bathtub installation and bathroom remodels is one of the most easiest ways to find the right bathtub for your needs. The firm is Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois for Chicagoland homeowners. Here, we will help ensure that a new bath device that fits your every preference, from concept to price, is confidently selected. Plus, our experts will efficiently mount the latest bathtub, and we will install it in as little as one day in certain situations.

Contact Prime Baths & Home Solutions of Illinois today to learn all about our bathtubs!

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