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6 Ideas for a Child-Friendly Bathroom Remodel You’ll Love Too

An upcoming bathroom remodel presents the perfect opportunity to incorporate features that cater to everyone in the household, especially the little ones. When planning a bathroom that’s both safe and practical for children, it’s essential to create a space that appeals to kids while being flexible enough to grow with them. Here are some child-friendly bathroom remodel ideas to inspire your project in Palos Park.

  1. Make It Accessible
    • Children thrive on independence and love to do things themselves. Enhancing accessibility can make daily tasks like brushing teeth more enjoyable for them.
    • Consider installing variable-height countertops if you have the space. One countertop at 32″ for young children and another at 36″ for older kids and adults, each with its own sink, can streamline morning routines.
    • In smaller bathrooms, a sturdy step stool is a classic and effective solution.
  2. Keep It Neat
    • Ample, easy-to-reach storage is crucial in a child-friendly bathroom. Organizers that stick to ceramic with suction cups can keep bath toys tidy.
    • Tiered towel racks allow you to assign higher racks for adults and lower ones for kids.
    • During a shower remodel, consider adding built-in niches at various heights to hold essentials like bubble bath and hair detangling spray, keeping everything within reach and organized.
  3. Plan Your Plumbing
    • Selecting child-friendly bathroom fixtures can significantly enhance functionality. An undermount sink can reduce countertop water pools, and a mini squeegee nearby can turn cleanup into a fun activity for kids.
    • A handheld showerhead is a versatile addition, making bath time more enjoyable for children and easier for caregivers, especially when shampooing young ones.
  4. Embrace Kid-Friendly Elements
    • Children appreciate having their own designated spaces. Create small personal areas for each child sharing the bathroom, but keep safety in mind.
    • For instance, while Mason jar holders look charming on Pinterest, they can pose a hazard in real life. Opt for non-breakable alternatives like acrylic containers to prevent accidents and keep the bathroom safe for little feet.
  5. Add a Splash of Color
    • While neutral color schemes are typically recommended for resale value, kids love vibrant hues. Strike a balance by incorporating color through small, thoughtful touches.
    • Paint walls above the tile line or add a colorful backsplash behind the sink in a cheerful, gender-neutral shade like aqua or yellow.
    • If you prefer classic white or beige, introduce color with new towels, allowing each family member to pick their favorite.
  6. Prioritize Safety
    • Safety is paramount in a child-friendly bathroom. Install an anti-scald valve and a hands-free faucet preset to a safe temperature to protect delicate skin.
    • Safety grab bars near the toilet and bath, along with non-skid flooring, provide added security for all ages.
    • Ensure electrical outlets are up to code with GFCI and tamper-resistant protection.
    • Keep cleaning products and other hazards in a high, locked cupboard, and install a toilet lock if you have a toddler at home.

Transforming your bathroom to be more child-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on style or functionality. With thoughtful planning, you can create a space that is safe, practical, and enjoyable for everyone in the family. For expert assistance with your bathroom remodel in Palos Park, call Prime Baths Illinois at (815) 374-7281 for a free quote.

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