Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Our affordable vinyl plank flooring is for those who might want wood, stone, or just about anything in-between. Our team of estimators carries a wide selection of samples and can help you find the right floor!

Waterproof Nature

The vinyl plank flooring is used in combination with a underlayer and with these two layers we can guarantee that there will never be water damage to your plywood and joists underneath!


  1. Do you have to take my tile out to install the vinyl flooring? Depending on the condition of your flooring there can be exceptions. For example, we would not install over a floor that is damaged if it will interfere with the proper installation of the vinyl plank flooring.
  2. Does this flooring require any maintenance? Once installed the occasional mop will be necessary other than that no!
  3. What size are the pieces of flooring? They vary on which material they are trying to imitate! For example, our Carrara Marble vinyl flooring is wider than our dark hardwood vinyl flooring.

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